Our personal experience during the past nineteen months within this closed system has been extremely satisfying. Living as an integral component in our small world, both responsible for maintaining it and benefiting from its support, has been as rewarding as it has been challenging. It has changed our perspectives on the role of humans in all closed systems, whether they be artificial systems like Biosphere 2 or natural closed systems like Biosphere 1, our Earth’s biosphere. We participate in a partnership with our biosphere to enhance its well-being by using our own resources, as well as by calling on an extensive network of scientists and engineers on the outside and employing technologies designed to assist in creating desired environmental conditions. There is a new harmony in this effort because our daily experience confirms the fact that we rely on the life systems for survival, and at the same time, the ecological systems depend on our efforts to maximize production and sustain overall health. In a small closed ecological system the equation ‘our biosphere’s health equals our health’ becomes dramatically evident.

Nelson & Alling

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Biosphere 2 Experiments

is an effort & process...

...that seeks to build upon ground work laid before by people of this culture (henceforth be referred to as Taker culture, or t-culture), that if you are reading this mission statement, you most likely have been born and been raised in. We first acknowledge that our experience with the physical world is but one of a spectrum of human experiences possible, and that this realization might not be unique, but is a privilege that we, as benefactors of this current culture, can ponder a fuller spectrum of experience without the threat of our own existences being called into question.

Our activities include, but are not limited to, procurement of land, reforestation and rewilding of land through perma-culture practices, food production through perma-culture and controlled growing methods such as hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics. Ensuring nutrient cycles are completed in house. Leveraging automation technologies to augment all above mentioned goals. Procurement and storage of energy. Financial due diligence.

...that will not retrace the steps of previous “Biosphere” projects. It is clear that ecologies are complex, and a seemingly insignificant local phenomenon can have huge global ramifications. We acknowledge previous insights to this effect, whether it be from scientists from Biosphere 2, or many stories and worldviews of peoples from all over the world. It is due to this recognition that we seek not to prove or disprove theories of Spaceship Earth, but starting from the premise that this is fact, strive to innovate in the realm of cultural values that can revitalize Biosphere 1.

... that seeks not to establish a viable physical ecosystem from within physical impermeable boundaries, but to establish a framework that can maintain its integrity from within Biosphere 1. We recognize that human beings are not separate from the ecosystems that we have been taught to exploit and alienate within this t-culture. With that premise, b(x) is focused on both physical development of technology and techniques that can strengthen itself within Biosphere 1, cultural/spiritual exploration, and mental/social cultivation in order to thrive within and transcend the reality that a globalt-culture is constantly actualizing.

...to synthesize the contradiction that the worlds we work towards is one where b(x) is no longer necessary or relevant.

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